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trouble starting emacspeak 17 with a Braille'nspeak as the synth

I upgraded emacspeak from 15 to 17 using the apt-get install emacspeak
command from the debian unstable distrobution and now the speach server
doesn't start.  emacspeak and its dependencies are the only packages
upgraded to the unstable distrobution packages. the rest of my distro is
debian stable.  the error message: "cannot find which func"( according to my
friend reading the screen).  Emacspeak 15 with the Braille'nspeak started
fine before the upgrade so what went wrong what do I need to do.  I should
mention that emacs started when I typed emacspeak after the upgrade.  Yes,
emacspeak is in my user  id's path.  the upgrade is to include web
functionality with lynx which I didn't have earlier.
system: toshiba laptop pentium 100


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