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emacspeak-lynx saying odd stuff

I think the interface to lynx is just lynx running under a term
window. If this is correct, you probably have to switch between
character mode and line mode to move around the screen etc. Have a
look at the emacspeak documentation for term mode and check out the
key bindings to get an idea.

If you really want to impress this employer, I'd see how much luck you
get running emacs-w3. It seems everyone's milage differs with respect to
emacs-w3. Raman says he has no problem with it. I find I cannot use it
with anything but local pages because it won't work properly with the
proxy I am forced to use here. However, if yhou can get it to work,
you could really impress them with w3's support for aural style
sheets, xslt etc.

As a third alternative, I've found w3m to be quite good. It works
well, renders pages fast, will work with the proxy here and the emacs
and emacspeak interface is quite usable - I find it a lot better than
the emacspeak and lynx interface.


>>>>> "John" == John Heim <jheim@facstaff.wisc.edu> writes:

 John> I have a job interview Friday as a web developer and my
 John> interviewer asked if I needed any accomodations for demoing the
 John> applications I'd written. I said no but it occurs to me that
 John> maybe I could blow them away if I could bring in my linux
 John> laptop and browse the web via emacspeak-lynx.

 John> Only problem is that it doesn't work. People tell me that it
 John> looks right on the screen but all I hear is it reading the menu
 John> at the bottom of the page and then it says "list" each time I
 John> press the up or down arrow keys. I'm told it's moving between
 John> links but it's not reading them. If I press the right arrow, it
 John> follows the link like it supposed to but then it just reads the
 John> menu at the bottom of the screen again and says "list" each
 John> time I press the up or down arrow.

 John> I'm using emacspeak 16.0 with Outloud on a Gateway laptop
 John> running SUSE 8.0.

 John> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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 John> "unsubscribe" or "help"

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