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Re: Problem when using W3m

>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Wiseman <pwiseman@mindspring.com> writes:

 Patrick> On Mon, 7 Apr 2003 at 8:35pm, Nath wrote: :I don't
 Patrick> understand all these things. I removed w3 and use w3m and it
 Patrick> :talks always about w3 in the error messages.  : :What do
 Patrick> you think about that ? Have you ever encounter a such
 Patrick> problem ?

 Patrick> I would remove w3m and reinstall w3.  I had exactly the
 Patrick> problem you describe and assume it's because emacspeak
 Patrick> doesn't support w3m.

Emacspeak does support w3m and I use it almost daily. Check the
sources to emacspeak and you will find emacspeak-w3m.el. 

I think the errors Nat is getting are due to w3 not being installed. I
would download the latest w3 from CVS and install that even if yhou
don't plan to use it. The reason is because there is some dependencies
between some of the stuff in emacspeak-w3m.el and emacspeak-w3.el. At
a guess, the error Nat is getting looks to be due to the keymap for w3
not being defined and this is happening because w3 is not installed. 

Personally, I use w3m at work because w3 will nto work correctly with
the authenticated proxy I have to go through here. I also find in some
situations, w3 is too slow at rendering some pages and has som
problems with some pages which w3m seem to handle well. However, from
home I try to use w3 first and then drop back to w3m if w3 won't
render the page correctly. 

The bottom line, w3 has the best support re emacspeak, xslt transformations,
voice locking and aural style sheets but w3m renders pages faster and
can handle a wider variety of pages. this all means everyones milage
will differ. I find having both installed gives the widest access to
web info. 

The errors Nat encountered relating to assignment to free variables
associated with xslt can safely be ignored. The probelm is due to the
variables being defined in emacspeak-w3.el and used by both
emacspeak-w3 and emacspeak-w3m. Loading w3m before w3 will cause this
warning to be displayed. The warning can be ignored with no damage. 

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