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espeakf experiences (was Re: Best advice for new user)

On Tue, Apr 22, 2003 at 12:00:46PM -0400, Robert J. Chassell wrote:
> At the moment, the eflite package I use reads Info files better than
> espeakf.  Unlike my current version of espeakf, eflite does not pause
> momentarily at the ends of lines in Info.  However, espeakf provides
> different voices, which my current version of eflite lacks.
> On the whole, I now prefer espeakf overall.  But I cannot stand the
> way it pauses at the ends of lines in Info, so I use eflite when I
> want to listen to Info files.
> Interestingly, in Text Voice mode, espeakf reads Jane Austen's Pride
> and Prejudice without pausing at the ends of lines.

Hi Robert and others,

As the maintainer of espeakf, I would be very interested in hearing
from those who use, or have used, espeakf version 0.2.  What do you
like about it?  What bugs you?  What problems have you come across in
setting it up or in using it?  How does your experience using espeakf
compare to your experience with other text-to-speech engines?  If you
don't use it anymore, why not?



Aaron Bingham

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