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Re: Error when building Emacspeak 18.0

Dmitry Wrote:

    Hello Barak,

 >>>>> "BZ" == Barak Zalstein <Barak.Zalstein@parthusceva.com> writes:

BZ> The problem was that on a "default"  RedHat installation 
(workstation instead of server/customized)
BZ> The file cus-dep.elc is installed but not the file cus-dep.el .
BZ> One solution was to install Emacs from source.
BZ> Another solution was to upgrade the distribution and install all the 
packages (something I should have
BZ> done in the first place), which solved many many issues.
BZ> Please check the archive from the last few days for details.

    One question comes to mind: why does Emacspeak require the source
    version of cus-dep instead of compiled one? Didn't you try to replace
    -l cus-dep.el with -l cus-dep in the makefile?

Hi Dmitry,
 From my ignorant point of view Emacspeak doesn't need neither of them.
In order to validate this I did few little changes (I'm gonna burn
for this) which include (please don't read this):

    * downloads/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/Makefile: comment out
    cus-load.elc rule.
    comment out emacspeak-cus-load.elc rule.
    Also eliminate from config rule.
    Also eliminate from DEPS flags.

    * downloads/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/emacspeak-autoload.el (autoload):
    remove (load-library "cus-dep")
    comment region of emacspeak-auto-generate-custom-loads .

    * remove emacspeak.elc .

    * downloads/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/Makefile (AUX_OBJECTS): remove
    emacspeak-tetris.elc \
    (emacspeak-texinfo.elc): remove
    emacspeak-tetris.elc: emacspeak-tetris.el dtk-speak.elc
    * downloads/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/emacspeak-finder-inf.el 
(emacspeak-finder-package-info): comment out the emacspeak-tetris.el 
parentheses section.

    * downloads/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/emacspeak.el: comment out
    (emacspeak-do-package-setup "tetris" 'emacspeak-tetris)

    * downloads/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/Makefile (cus-load.elc): use that
    instead of cus-load.el .
    (emacspeak-cus-load.el): change to elc.
    (.PHONY): likewise.

And what do you know? make clean, make config, make emacspeak, make install
work. emacspeak-eflite works.


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