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Question about the the "-q" option used when launching emacs+emacspeak


Recently I have discovered the M-x customize option and particularly the
emacspeak customisation facilities obtained then pressing C-e C but when
I change an option and want to save my changes for further sessions it
is impossible. So I tied to understind why it is impossible and find
that is because emacs is launched with the "-q" option in the emacspeak
script : this option tells emacs not to load the init files, and I read
that when this option is used you can not save changes made in the
customisation process.
So I would like to supprim the "-q" option in the emacspeak script.
but I hesitate because I don't know why this option is used in the
emacspeak script.
Is it necessary to use this option when using Emacspeak ? or can I start
emacs+emacspeak without this option ? Is it perhaps dangerous ?
Thanks in advance for all your advices.


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