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re: emacspeak 18.0 problems and questions.

With respect to your first question - are other voices working? The
new version of emacspeak uses a new voice-lock mechanism which takes
advantage of font-lock. This is a lot more efficient and means that
many packages which don't have a specific emacspeak module can still
take advantage of voice-lock if the package uses font-lock. However,
this means that in order to get voice-locking, you also need to have
font-lock enabled - something which was not necessary in earlier
versions of emacspeak.

With respect to the software dectalk - this sounds like a library
issue. I had a similar problem with Debian Woody. However, once I
upgraded to the Debian unstable release which has later libraries and
a later version of gcc etc, it worked (though there is still a latency
problem which prevents character echo from working). According to
replies from Raman, the dectalk software works fine under Red Hat
8. So, I would go to the red hat site and find out what versions of
gcc, glibc etc it uses and compare this to the versions included in
slackware. If the slackware ones are older, you may need to consider
upgrading to more recent versions in order to get the dectalk software
synth working.

Check the archives of this mailing list as there was considerable
discussion of this issue earlier in the year (or was it late last year
- can't remember).


>>>>> "mark" == mark muscat <mmuscat@bigpond.net.au> writes:

 mark> Hello all: Normally I like to chase things up, but I am in a
 mark> slight hurry as I have some work I must complete.  My applogies
 mark> if these questions may seem to be thoughtless.

 mark> I have just installed slackware 9.0 and emacspeak 18 and found
 mark> when I enter emacspeak, and code in HTML etc that the voices
 mark> for quotation don't appear to be working.  In previous versions
 mark> emacspeak would go to a different voice when reading text in
 mark> quotation marks.  How can I get emacspeak 18 to perform this
 mark> way?  My final question and problem is this: I installed the
 mark> fonix DECtalk software and when I run the dtk-soft script in
 mark> the servers directory receive a starting TTS and segmentation
 mark> error.  I susspect that this is a problem with the libraries,
 mark> but am not sure as when I run the "say" program things work as
 mark> they should. Any suggestions on how to get around this problem
 mark> would be appreciated.

 mark> thanks in advance.

 mark> Mark Muscat

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