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re: emacspeak 18.0 problems and questions.

mark muscat writes:
 > I have just installed slackware 9.0 and emacspeak 18 and found when I
 > enter emacspeak, and code in HTML etc that the voices for quotation don't
 > appear to be working.  In previous versions emacspeak would go to a
 > different voice when reading text in quotation marks.  How can I get
 > emacspeak 18 to perform this way?
Try inserting
into your ~/.emacs file.

 > My final question and problem is this:
 > I installed the fonix  DECtalk software and when I   run the dtk-soft
 > script in the servers directory receive a starting TTS and segmentation
 > error.  I susspect that this is a problem with the libraries, but am not
 > sure as when I run the "say" program things work as they should. Any
 > suggestions on how to get around this problem would be appreciated.

Did you compile the Emacspeak software DECTALK support yourself? If
not, I would suggest ensuring that tclx (including its header files)
is installed, then downloading and compiling Emacspeak from source.
The library that interfaces Software DECTALK to Emacspeak is created
by compiling servers/software-dtk/tcldtk.c (see the Makefile in that directory).

If the say program is working, the DECTALK software itself is fine,
and the only issue is likely to concern the tcldtk interface.

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