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emacspeak-18, emacs20.7 and puthash

I would recommend upgrading to emacs 21 - the new voice lock engine is
very nice, but it will only work with emacs 21 because font-lock does
not work under consoles with emacs 20 or less. This was the biggest
change in emacspeak 18 - if your going to stick with emacs 20, you are
probably better off sticking with emacs 17.


>>>>> "RAYNER" == RAYNER Peter <peter.rayner@csiro.au> writes:

 RAYNER> On Saturday I grabbed the emacspeak-18 distrib from
 RAYNER> sorceforge and did the familiar make config ... then make
 RAYNER> emacspeak to generate make[1]: Entering directory
 RAYNER> `/home/ray060/local/emacspeak/lisp' emacs -batch -q
 RAYNER> -no-site-file -l
 RAYNER> /home/ray060/local/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-load-path.el -l
 RAYNER> /home/ray060/local/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-loaddefs.el -l
 RAYNER> /home/ray060/local/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-cus-load.el -f
 RAYNER> batch-byte-compile dtk-speak.el While compiling toplevel
 RAYNER> forms in file /home/ray060/local/emacspeak/lisp/dtk-speak.el:
 RAYNER> !! Symbol's function definition is void ((puthash))

 RAYNER> I notice puthash isn't in the elisp manual I have (I *hope*
 RAYNER> the right one for emacs20.7) but *is* there in later
 RAYNER> versions, has this been folded back into elisp from the
 RAYNER> common-lisp support?

 RAYNER> Is it time to upgrade emacs or did I forget something in the
 RAYNER> set-up?  thanks in advance Peter

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