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Voice lock mode problem

Hi all,

I have successfully upgraded to emacspeak-18.0.  However, the new voice-lock
engine is posing some compatibility problems for the apollo2 speech
synthesizer.  The decktalk specific commands have no effect on the apollo2
thus it reads out each one whilst reading the text that was passed.

I have tried to use the apollo2 with voice lock mode turned off and the
apollo seems to read text normally.  However, any time I envoke a command
which requires voice lock mode such as the C-s command for searching, voice
lock is re-instated.

I have also turned off voice-lock-mode through the use of the customize
application.  Although, this does add the appropriate line in my .emacs
file, emacspeak completely ignores it.  If I exit emacs and restart, the
default setting in the customize application is not-nil.

I am running emacspeak-18.0 with emacs-21.3 on redhat 6.2

I am also envoking emacspeak from my .emacs file, just in case this makes a

Thanks for any help

Best regards


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