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Re: Question about the the "-q" option used when launchingemacs+emacspeak

Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:


>  >> or can I start emacs+emacspeak without this option ? Is it perhaps
>  >> dangerous ?
>  Mario> You can achieve the same thing by loading emacspeak-setup from
>  Mario> your .emacs, at the very beginning of the file.
> Yes, that is correct. However, I'm finding that many linux
> distributions now install local site files with default settings, plus
> there are many emacs packages available for most distributions now
> which put configuration and loading scripts in this local site
> area. For example, debian comes with /etc/emacs/site-lisp.d and
> /etc/emacs21/site-lisp.d - Mandrake comes with /etc/emacs/site-lisp.d
> and I think redhat does as well. 
> The problem here is that this means additional packages installed via
> the distribution package manager (rpm, apt-get etc) will be loaded
> before your local .emacs file and therefore before your emacs startup
> script. What I've done to get around this is created a global
> emacspeak site loading file. Naturally, this is no good if you share
> your computer with other users who run emacs and don't want emacspeak,

Hmm, even this could be solved by checking an environment-variable.

(when (string= (getenv "USE_EMACSPEAK") "YES")

Come to think of it, that sounds like a very good thing to do for 
distributions.  The launcher script could then be rewritten to set this
variable, and just launch emacs.  The benefit?  Customize would start to
be useable again, out of the box, without tweaks.

Jim, what do you think of this?

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