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Re: bookshare and daisy format

Christopher Moore writes:
 > I'm an emacspeak newbie so forgive me if the question seems to trivial.
 > I noticed tha emacspeak has support for daisy format. 
 > Is there a built-in daisy reader or to I need to install an external app?

There is a Daisy reader built in, but it only supports the Daisy 3.0
format. Existing Daisy books are still using the older 2.0 format
which is much inferior from a technical point of view and so it wasn't
implemented in Emacspeak.
 > Has anyone tried listening to bookshare books in emacspeak?  If so what are
 > the steps?

Well, if you can find a way of decrypting their books I expect they
can be read in Emacspeak without any significant difficulty.

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