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Please respect the CVS archives --and dont abuse them--

Just to follow up on Raman's post and to add some additional detail
for the archives. ...

Further to what Raman has pointed out, I think it needs to be
emphasized that the CVS repositry represents the state of emacspeak in
development and that if you are going to run emacspeak from CVS then
you also need to be prepared to do a bit of your own debugging and
problem solving. If you just want to run emacspeak, then grab one of
the official stable releases and not the latest CVS snapshot.

I would advise anyone who wants to grab a CVS snapshot and try it out
to check the "run" script in the emacspeak directory. This script
shows you how you can run emacspeak from the build
directory. Generally, its a good idea when using the CVS snapshot to
build it and run it to evaluate it before installing it and replacing
your (possibly more stable) existing installation. 

Just my 2 cents worth...

>>>>> "T" == T V Raman <raman@cs.cornell.edu> writes:

 T> About a week ago I got a request from someone on the Emacspeak
 T> list asking where the spec files for building Emacspeak RPMs were.

 T> I pointed this person at the CVS archives --now I received a
 T> request asking for details on how to package and release RPMs to
 T> RedHat!

 T> Once and for all:

 T> The CVS archives are there to encourage early use and
 T> experimentation --and hopefully contributions --but not for folks
 T> to package up Emacspeak willy-nilly and release them on the net.

 T> Incidentally RedHat and other distros have always picked up stable
 T> releases and repackaged them, and that is how I intend to keep
 T> things.

 T> I package and release Emacspeak on a six-monthly basis to ensure
 T> that there is a stable release that people can depend on -- and
 T> that the major distributions can pick up -- the CVS repository
 T> --and the availability of the RPM spec files are not to be treted
 T> as an invitation for what the person who shall remain nameless
 T> appears to be attempting.

 T> --Raman

 T> -- Best Regards, --raman

 T> Email: raman@cs.cornell.edu WWW: http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/
 T> AIM: TVRaman PGP: http://emacspeak.sf.net/raman/raman-almaden.asc
 T> IRC: irc://irc.gnu.org/emacspeak

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