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Request vm help, please.

Hello folks:

I am at Adam's today.  Finally got a corrupted fetchmail working again,
giving Adam access to his long accumulating que of mail.  But he's not
been willing to rest easy with that.  Adam is ready to start sending email
as well, about which I am very excited.  This afterall is the pay back for
me for the last several months of support in helping him up the learning
curve.  I've waited for this day for some time.

Adam is using VM.  Studying the info tree for vm, we've figured out how to
use m, to compose a new mail message; C-c C-a, to attach a file; C-c C-b,
to attach a buffer.

But I can find no reference to address books.  Is there any way to store
email addresses for later access and inclusion in future e-mails?

Also, is there any way to use a file browser to navigate the file system
to find a file to attach?  Or to browse the buffers for a buffer to
attach?  The prmopt let me type in the name of a file or buffer who's name
I remembered.  But it was not clear what I should do if I couldn't
remember it.

All help is appreciated.

-- Hugh Esco

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