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Request more vm help, please.

Hello again.  I'm back with more questions.

Adam is working from a dial-up.  Everything moves pretty slow with this
service provider.  Is there some way he can monitor the progress of
fetchmail and exim's work to fetch and send his mail, so he knows when it
is safe to poff his ppp connection?  Has anyone built a script for
/etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ which would provide some auditory cues that the work has
been handled and that he can safely kill his connection to the ISP?
If so, would you please share the relevant code with us so I can make the
appropriate adaptations to Adam's set up?

Also, I reset the clock to give his machine the correct time.  Now it is
telling me that mbox folder is read only and that it will not append new
email from the local mail spool, although the evidence is that new
messages are being downloaded from his server.  How do I correct this?

A third item:  Adam's machine does not have a Domain Name.  Its named
shapiro.  His user is ashapiro.  The test messages I have received show
they come from ashapiro@shapiro, not a valid internet email address.  How
is it I can set his reply-to: header field so that replies are correctly
addressed to find him at his server, at shapiro@greens.org and folks he
writes will know how to reply to him?

I'm sure there are other questions, but these are the most pressing at
this time.

Again, thank you in advance for all replies.

-- Hugh Esco

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