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Re: emacspeak+festival patch, dtk-set-predefined-speech-rate seemsnot working

From: "Matthew Qvapul" <pikpus@wp.pl>
Subject: emacspeak+festival patch, dtk-set-predefined-speech-rate seems not working
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 11:57:08 +0200

pikpus> Hallo.
pikpus> according to emacspeak-18.0-festival.patch I know that speech
pikpus> rate is set to 
pikpus> 0.6:
pikpus> +(defcustom festival-default-speech-rate 0.6
pikpus> +  "Rate for festival P.L. Nageoire 2003/04/30"
pikpus> +  :group 'tts
pikpus> +  :type 'integer )
pikpus> I've also found command :
pikpus> dtk-set-predefined-speech-rate which seems not working.
pikpus> is it a bug or is it just not implemented for emacspeak and
pikpus> festival ?
pikpus> Geeetings
pikpus> Matthew
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Hi Matthew,

These features are simply not yet implemented. You know,
each speech synthesizer has his own scale for the
rate and I would probably have to make a sort of
convertion table or something like that. I will try to
do it for the next version of the patch.

Best regards 


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