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Re: emacspeak & festival questions

From: "Matthew Qvapul" <pikpus@wp.pl>
Subject: emacspeak & festival questions
Date: Sat,  9 Aug 2003 23:07:20 +0200

pikpus> Hallo 
pikpus> I have installed emacsspeak-18 with festival and MBROLA 
pikpus> according 
pikpus> to the following link: 
pikpus> http://www.pollock-nageoire.net/festival/festival-
pikpus> english004.html 
pikpus> seems everything works correct 
pikpus> I have noticed emacsspeak works in the following way: 
pikpus> As I am visiting new line emacspeak automatically starts reading 
pikpus> this line. 
pikpus> When line is quite long, reading takes a while. 
pikpus> Sometimes I'm not interested in reading this line. 
pikpus> Is there any command which immediatelly cancels reading of this 
pikpus> line 
pikpus> The second thing is as I'm moving the cursor with 'PG down' and 
pikpus> 'PG up', passed  page of text is read. 
pikpus> In the case of using 'PG up/down' keys I would prefer not 
pikpus> reading 
pikpus> the text at all. 
pikpus> Is it possible ? 
pikpus> Greetings 
pikpus> Matthew 
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Hello Matthew,

First excuse me not having answered you mail as soon as I
received it but I was in vacation.

You know, this emacspeak+festival system is still a work in
progress and the problems you mentioned were not the first I
decided to solve but I'm still working on the system.

Here is an extract of the FAQ that you can find at

and the problems you told me about are now at least
partially solved :

4.2  .--What about the possibility to stop the TTS when desired by the user ?

2003/08/18 The problem of stopping the speech flu is now partially solved. The
best way to get this improvement is to download the new version of 
emacspeak-18.0-festival.patch.gz and the new version of efm-install-util.tgz.

Then unpack the installation utility in the directory where you previously did


with the command

tar -xzvf efm-install-util.tgz

This command will copy the various Makefile in the efm directory, without
destroying any of the files which are part of the system. You can then simply
update the emacspeak part by entering the efm directory :

# cd efm

and typing the command

# make emacspeak

BEWARE !!! Be very careful if you want to do these operations manually without
using the installation utility ! A new file is required by this new version of
the emacspeak patch emacspeak.scm which must be uncompressed and placed a the
right place .../efm/festival/lib/etc/. This will be automatically done by the

# make emacspeak

Then you will be able to use the Ctrl-e s emacspeak command to stop the tts.

I know that there is still a problem when you will copy a part of text from
the kill ring. In this case it is very difficult to stop the speech flu. I am
still working to try to solve this problem.

Best regards 


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