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Emacspeak with Eflite

Hello all,
Last evening I finally got Emacspeak working with Flite as the speech 
synthesiser and Eflite as the interface.
I used the script emacspeak-eflite which comes with Robert Chassles' 

After installing flite I tested it out with:
$flite "This is a test"
and it read out the message in clear, measured tones. After running 
./configure and make on flite, I did 
$make test
and once again the rendition to speech was good.
However when I run emacspeak-eflite,
the speech synthesiser reads _everything_
appearing in the modeline at break neck speed. I took the suggestion of 
trying C-e C-h and it proceeded to read out"Emacspeak is a compiled Lisp 
function ..." again at a frenetic rate. How does one slow this down? I 
noticed that "character echo" works nicely, so at least editing errors 
will now be minimal --- a great boon. But I would like the reading 
facility to be useful also.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I am using flite-1.2, eflite-0.3.7 with emacspeak-17.

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