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 Hi all
 I had installed the system e/f/m on redhat 8 and it worked well. But I
cannot install it on redhat 9, because after patching emacspeak and
typing 'make' , I get the message

emacs -batch -q -no-site-file  -l
/root/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/emacspeak-load-path.el -l
/root/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/emacspeak-loaddefs.el -l
/root/emacspeak-18.0/lisp/emacspeak-cus-load.el  -f batch-byte-compile
While compiling toplevel forms in file
  !! File error (("Cannot open load file" "tetris"))
make[1]: *** [emacspeak-tetris.elc] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/emacspeak-18.0/lisp'
make: *** [emacspeak] Error 2

 Is there any idea on solving this problem?
 Thanks in advance and regards

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