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Re: Different voices and menu speaking

I never use the menus, so I've not noticed this behavior. However, it
sounds to me like the problem could be relating to the punctuation
mode emacspeak is in. Try experimenting with selecting the menu with
different punctuation modes set (e.g. all, some, none). If you find
the situation is better with none as the mode, then maybe you can
modify the bit of elisp which runs when the menus are brought up so
that it first saves the current punctuation mode, sets the mode to
none, speaks the menus and on selection, restores the previous
punctuation mode.

>>>>> "Sacha" == Sacha Chua <schua@ateneo.edu> writes:

 Sacha> Mario Fux <fux.mario@unormal.org> writes:
 >> 2. The normal menu reading is painful. For instance "F equal equal
 >> greater than File E equal equal greater than Edit etc. so I put
 >> the option

 Sacha> Yes, it's really painful. I've been trying to work on a
 Sacha> simpler text menu system and it can be found at
 Sacha> http://sacha.free.net.ph/notebook/emacs/yatm.el, but it needs
 Sacha> a lot more work...

 Sacha> -- Sacha Chua <sacha@free.net.ph> - Ateneo CS faculty geekette
 Sacha> interests: emacs, gnu/linux, wearables, teaching compsci
 Sacha> http://sacha.free.net.ph/

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