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Problem with personal customization

Hi Cheryl,

I'm not sure exactly what your problem is as I tend to prefer
customizing emacs and emacspeak directly through changes in the .emacs
file. However, here is a guess....

Are you starting emacspeak with the emacspeak.sh script? If so, the
problem is probably due to the fact this script uses the -q command
line switch to emacs, which tells emacs not to load your .emacs file.

The script does this to ensure emacspeak is loaded before anything
else. However, an unfortunate side effect of doing this is that emacs
won't let you use customize as it believes personal init files have
been disabled. 

The solution: What I have done is put my emacspeak startup stuff in a
file called 00emacspeak.el and placed that in
/etc/emacs/site-lisp.d/. I posted an example of a startup file to this
list a few months back, so you should be able to find it in the
archives, if not, let me know and I'll send you mine. I too am running
Debian unstable. 

If this does not fix your problem, I would seriously consider
downgrading to the last stable release (emacspeak 18). The latest CVS
snapshot is a work in progress and problems could be due to
enhancements Raman is currently implementing. The CVS snapshot really
means your running an "experimental" version and therre is likely to
be problems - more importantly, if you do have problems, your sort of
on your own and need to chase them down yourself. While members of
this list generally try to assist when possible, running CVS emacspeak
means your likely to encounter problems which nobody else has either
encountered or can reproduce. 

Hope this helps.

>>>>> "Cheryl" == Cheryl Homiak <chomiak@chartermi.net> writes:

 Cheryl> I am using cvs emacspeak on debian unstable.  When I try to
 Cheryl> do emacspeak-customize-personal, I am prompted for my
 Cheryl> filename with a ~/.  But when I enter .emacs (or anything
 Cheryl> else for this matter) I get a beep and this message: wrong
 Cheryl> type argument, stringp, nil I've confirmed that I can
 Cheryl> ordinarily write to files, and emacspeak does appear to
 Cheryl> respond to changes I make manually in the .emacs file.  What
 Cheryl> is the problem here?  Thanks.

 Cheryl> -- Cheryl

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