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Playing auditory icons

This is a letter about auditory icons, themes in general and
particularly about Cheryl Homiak's letter.

Cheryl Homiak writes:
 > I am trying to set up emacspeak to play an auditory icon/theme at startup.
 > I found the code to do this but when I insert it into .emacs and try to
 > start emacspeak I get the following:

I run Emacspeak on two rather different systems:
  1. At home, right now, I have SuSE Linux 7.3 running X windows (fvwm2
as Window Manager) and I have an Intel Celeron 930 MHz processor on a
motherboard with a built-in sound chip.

      2. At work I am running Red Hat 7.3 on a Pentium IV 1.8 gHz
         processor with a built-in sound chip. The window manage is

The sound-chip at home is happily accepted by the system and both
festival and flite could be built. But the chip at office was not
recognized by  RH : my sys.-admin. tells me that there have been  lot of
postings to  Intel about this problem; but no solution has emerged. So a
C-media sound card was jerry-rigged in and since the built-in speaker of
the Compaq machine was not responding to this new invader a separate
speaker with a 6 volt power supply sits next to the monitor to provide

Now the Emacspeak bit: 
    1. At home, when I start Emacspeak (via a shell script) I get emacs
starting with -q option and then I hear:
"Loading, press C-h C-e for an overview of Emacspeak" followed by
"... all my circuits are functioning perfectly bang". (This is spoken at
a furious pace, hence the ...'s, I can't quite make out everything.)
After a while I hear "loading /home./.emacs dot el  left paren source right
paren etc" and my customiations are loaded in, because of the first two
lines of .emacs run:

(setq custom-file "~/emacspeak.el")
(load-file "emacspeak.el")

But try as I might, no auditory icons have been heard here.

    2. On the other hand, with the identical script at work, clicking on
       the Emacspeak icon starts emacs with -q option and the
       announcement "This is Emacspeak" to the accompaniment of
       J. S. Bach's Tocatta and Fugue!

Any idea what is going on? 

Cheryl said she "got hold of  s script" to start auditory icons ---
would you mind posting it to me?

Any help will be gratefully received.

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