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Re: Playing auditory icons

First of all, auditory icons in general are turned on and do work for me.
But I
couldn't get the following to work:

1. Couldn't get emacspeak-customize-personal-settings to work at all;
(2) could get emacspeak-customize to work as far as showing me the options
but wouldn't save my choices in general and
emacspeak-play-emacspeak-icon-at-startup in particular (this was because
of the -q option).
(30 couldn't get the following code to work because I was told my
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/sounds/ configuration file was

(when (emacspeak-sounds-theme-p "cartoon-22k-mono/")
(emacspeak-sounds-select-theme "cartoon-22k-mono/"))

I finally decided to try taking the -q flag  out of the "exec emacs" line
in /usr/bin/emacspeak, knowing I could put it back if this turned out to
be disastrous. I also grouped all my emacspeak configurations at the top
of my .emacs file under
(when (featurep 'emacspeak)

So far, I haven't had any negative consequences from removing "-q" (at
least haven't seen any yet). Both emacs by itself (which I sometimes use
with brltty) and emacspeak seem to load and work fine and without errors.
Emacspeak-customize now works and since it appears to be saving changes to
my .emacs file, it really doesn't matter much that
emacspeak-customize-personal-settings still won't work. The "theme" code
now works. The
emacspeak-play-emacspeak-startup-icon is available through
emacspeak-customize and was added to my .emacs once the -q option was
removed and I made the change. I've done this both in debian package
emacspeak-17.0 and the cvs
emacspeak with the same results.
I'm still struggling with getting emacspeak-daisy to work but I think this
is unrelated to my other problems.
I'm not necessarily advocating that people drop the "-q" option as it
could have undesirable consequences depending on your setup, but it has
worked ok for me--so far.



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