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Speakup conflict?


    I'm pursuing this line of enquiry on the Speakup list also, so apologies
to those of you getting this twice.

    I'm running Debian (Testing) distro, with Speakup v1, Emacspeak,
(sorry I don't remember which version, but it isn't a very new one) and a
Dectalk Express.

    If I try to run Emacspeak, I get allsorts of problems. These include
typing echo repeating the character I've just entered, twice, followed by a
series of vertical lines, spaces and other seemingly random characters.
Navigation through text is also inconsistent, with certain key bindings
working intermittantly.
    Lastly, if I invoke the read buffer command, portions of the text are
spoken out of order and other sections are repeated at different points in
the narrative.

    Please bare in mind that I know very little about Linux, and this is
making learning my around a new OS very difficult indeed.

    Your help is appreciated.

Léonie Watson  |  t. +44 (0) 117 344 5012

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