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Problem with emacspeak, Redhat 9, Doubletalk LT

install the appropriate speech server from the emacspeak-ss package
--the default emacspeak distrib does not contain the server you need
for the doubletalk>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Hannon <hannon@physics.ucdavis.edu> writes:

    Michael> Greetings.  We're trying to set up emacspeak for a
    Michael> graduate student here.  This is our first experience with
    Michael> the program.

    Michael> We're running Redhat linux 9, fully patched, so far as I
    Michael> know.  We have a hardware synthesizer, a "Doubletalk LT",
    Michael> attached to the first serial port on the system,
    Michael> /dev/ttyS0.

    Michael> We've installed emacspeak-18.0-1 from an RPM file, and
    Michael> it's running "on top of" emacs 21.2.1.

    Michael> We have the following environment variables defined:

    Michael> 	export DTK_PROGRAM=dtk-mv export DTK_PORT=/dev/ttyS0

    Michael> When we start emacspeak, say as:

    Michael> 	emacspeak hw

    Michael> we hear a bit of technobabble from the Doubletalk LT,
    Michael> including the phrase "all my circuits are working
    Michael> perfectly", after which we hear nothing.

    Michael> I.e., we don't hear the contents of "hw", we don't hear
    Michael> additional words read to us as we type, etc.

    Michael> On the other hand, if we type something into the file,
    Michael> say, "this is Friday night", then the NEXT time we start
    Michael> emacspeak, we hear the phrase "this is Friday night" some
    Michael> place among the technobabble.  This suggests that words
    Michael> are going from emacs to the synthesizer, but they're not
    Michael> being spoken at the right time (to say the least).

    Michael> Can anybody offer suggestions as to our next move?
    Michael> Thanks.

    Michael> 					- Mike ==========
    Michael> Michael Hannon mailto:hannon@physics.ucdavis.edu Dept. of
    Michael> Physics 530.752.4966 University of California
    Michael> 530.752.4717 FAX Davis, CA 95616-8677

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Best Regards,

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