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VM & outgoing mail.

Hello all,

    Can anyone advise me how to tell vm which program I'm using to send and
recieve mail from the pop3 server?

    I'm using Fetchmail to do this, but under vm email isn't getting out
into the real world, it just returns to my inbox. I've varified the
addresses are correct and I've narrowed down the possibilities to spool
files and Fetchmail, but can't get much further than that.

    I've been reading through the info pages, but I'm not entirely sure what
I'm looking for and must admit that much of it still makes less sense than
I'd hoped :-)

    Sorry this is a bit vague. I hope that the experts will be able to help
me out.


Léonie Watson  |  t. +44 (0) 117 344 5012

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