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Problem with emacspeak, Redhat 9, Doubletalk LT

I think your using the wrong driver. The dtk-mv is for the dectalk
multivoice. You need the double talk LT driver, which is in the
emacspeak-ss package.

Note that last time I tried the double talk lt driver, I found it was
not working 100% correctly. From memory, the problem was that it tries
to replace dectalk synthesizer commands with double talk commands, but
was not doing so with all commands. If you turn off voice locking, it
works fine, otherwise, you here some dectalk in-line commands mixed in
with the speech. I think this problem would be fairly easy to fix, as
you just need to update the regular expression substitutions to
replace the dectalk commands with double talk commands. 


>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Hannon <hannon@physics.ucdavis.edu> writes:

 Michael> Greetings.  We're trying to set up emacspeak for a graduate
 Michael> student here.  This is our first experience with the
 Michael> program.

 Michael> We're running Redhat linux 9, fully patched, so far as I
 Michael> know.  We have a hardware synthesizer, a "Doubletalk LT",
 Michael> attached to the first serial port on the system, /dev/ttyS0.

 Michael> We've installed emacspeak-18.0-1 from an RPM file, and it's
 Michael> running "on top of" emacs 21.2.1.

 Michael> We have the following environment variables defined:

 Michael> 	export DTK_PROGRAM=dtk-mv export DTK_PORT=/dev/ttyS0

 Michael> When we start emacspeak, say as:

 Michael> 	emacspeak hw

 Michael> we hear a bit of technobabble from the Doubletalk LT,
 Michael> including the phrase "all my circuits are working
 Michael> perfectly", after which we hear nothing.

 Michael> I.e., we don't hear the contents of "hw", we don't hear
 Michael> additional words read to us as we type, etc.

 Michael> On the other hand, if we type something into the file, say,
 Michael> "this is Friday night", then the NEXT time we start
 Michael> emacspeak, we hear the phrase "this is Friday night" some
 Michael> place among the technobabble.  This suggests that words are
 Michael> going from emacs to the synthesizer, but they're not being
 Michael> spoken at the right time (to say the least).

 Michael> Can anybody offer suggestions as to our next move?  Thanks.

 Michael> 					- Mike ========== Michael Hannon
 Michael> mailto:hannon@physics.ucdavis.edu Dept. of Physics
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 Michael> Davis, CA 95616-8677

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