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Re: DECtalk and emacs 21.3

>>>>> "Greg" == Greg Priest-Dorman <priestdo@cs.vassar.edu> writes:

 Greg> T. V. and Nath: Hay Raman,

 Greg> (Tim seams to be mistaken as Nath clearly states that his
 Greg> debian stable box is running the dectalk software.  While Tim
 Greg> feels will not run under debian stable, clearly that is not the
 Greg> case.)

Yes, I did misread what Nat had in his original post - actually, I
didn't see Nat's original - I was actually responding to a suggestion
made by Jason regarding trying to debug the problem and the inherent
difficulty in doing that because the software dectalk was proprietary
code without sources or compiled in debugging symbols etc. 

Just for the record - the software dectalk would not run at all with
Debian stable aka woody r1, as it was in late 2002 early
2003. From Nat's post, it seems it does now run with the current
stable version, which is woody r2, I think. This was the information I

Finally, as I attempted to convey in my original post, the delay Nat
has observed has been reported a number of times on this list and
everyone I've had communications with who is running Debian and tried
the software dectalk has observed the same delay. The delay exists
with all versions of Emacs released with Debian and I've found the
same delay with emacs built from sources. It also appears to exist
with all versions of Tcl released with Debian and with Tcl built from

I suspect the problem is either with the C libraries distributed with
Debian or possibly the sound drivers. I've not tried ALSA and it would
be interesting to know if anyone else has tried the software dectalk,
ALSA and emacspeak on Debian and know if they observe the same delay. 


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