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Re: DECtalk and emacs 21.3

Just FYI

1. I don't think the dectalk software will work under debian stable at
all. It certainly wouldn't work when I tried about 11 months ago and
as Debian is very careful about changing stable releases, its unlikely
it will work now.

2. 11 months ago, the software dectalk would not work under Debian
Testing either. I had to move to Debian unstable to get it to
work. This may have changed as the library versions which were in
unstable have probably propogated to testing by now.

3. I observe the same "delay". It seems peculiar to Debian and I've
not been able to determine why. I was not able to get any usable
debugging info because 90% of the code is in proprietary code
belonging to fonix as part of the software.

4. Everyone I've contacted who has tried the software dectalk under
Debian has observed the same delay. However, I think it may be a bit
more responsive under the latest debian unstable libraries - but this
may just be a perseption wrapped in wishful thinking!

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au> writes:

 Jason> and if after following Raman's advice you still get the
 Jason> problem, then the next step would be to compile the dtk-soft
 Jason> speech server with debugging enabled, run a command such as
 Jason> ulimit -c unlimited to enable generation of core files, then
 Jason> investigate any core file produced when the server crashes by
 Jason> loading it into gdb. This might tell you where the problem
 Jason> lies.

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