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Re: DECtalk and emacs 21.3

Tim --I dont know about stable vs unstable.
The person who reported the problem claimed the following from memory"

Two separate partitions with two versions of debian --emacs 21.2 on
one 21.3 on the other --
and then claimed "performance of dectalk software under 21.3 is slow"
this kind of reporting is completely bogus and deserves to be ignored
-- it does not merit six follow-up messages.
>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@pobox.une.edu.au> writes:

    Tim> Just FYI

    Tim> 1. I don't think the dectalk software will work under debian
    Tim> stable at all. It certainly wouldn't work when I tried about
    Tim> 11 months ago and as Debian is very careful about changing
    Tim> stable releases, its unlikely it will work now.

    Tim> 2. 11 months ago, the software dectalk would not work under
    Tim> Debian Testing either. I had to move to Debian unstable to
    Tim> get it to work. This may have changed as the library versions
    Tim> which were in unstable have probably propogated to testing by
    Tim> now.

    Tim> 3. I observe the same "delay". It seems peculiar to Debian
    Tim> and I've not been able to determine why. I was not able to
    Tim> get any usable debugging info because 90% of the code is in
    Tim> proprietary code belonging to fonix as part of the software.

    Tim> 4. Everyone I've contacted who has tried the software dectalk
    Tim> under Debian has observed the same delay. However, I think it
    Tim> may be a bit more responsive under the latest debian unstable
    Tim> libraries - but this may just be a perseption wrapped in
    Tim> wishful thinking!

    Tim> Tim
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au> writes:

    Jason> and if after following Raman's advice you still get the
    Jason> problem, then the next step would be to compile the
    Jason> dtk-soft speech server with debugging enabled, run a
    Jason> command such as ulimit -c unlimited to enable generation of
    Jason> core files, then investigate any core file produced when
    Jason> the server crashes by loading it into gdb. This might tell
    Jason> you where the problem lies.

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