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Raman settings for VM

Hello all,
I am using Emacspeak (v. 17) under SuSE Linux  7.3, with Emacs 21.2, and
flite+ eflite as the speech synthesizer. 
My sound card (actually a chip built into the motherboard) does _not_
have multichannel capability.
 The only thing I do in
this environment other than type mathematics using LaTeX is to download
and read Email using VM. I have not needed to modify the "Raman
settings" for VM. However I have the following line in my .vm file:
    (setq vm-pop-max-message-size 10000).

When I download my email emacspeak reads out "downloading $m$ of $n$
messages from kalyanm@cal.vsnl.net.in" and each time a message exceeds
the set limit it says:
Message $x$ size=$abcd$, download ? Yes or no
and the summary of the message is shown. 
So I lean forward, peer at the screen and try to see if it is something
I want or not. (This is still possible for my enfeebled eyesight to
perform but I was wondering what the "audio solution" would be.) Is
there some modification to the initialization/customization  force VM to
read out the sender and subject of such messages? Then I can decide
without straining my eyes.
	I realize that many of the Raman settings presupposes the
use of the DecTalk synthesizer, so there may not be a solution suitable
for my system. But I would like to know 
(a) if there is indeed a solution
and if not,
(b) is it a matter of having multichannel capable sound or hardware
synthsizer. I am looking for a minimum  cost solution!


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