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Re: DECtalk and emacs 21.3

T. V. and Nath:

Hay Raman, 

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

The original note clearly states a problem and the environment that it
is occuring in.  While there may well be more information you would
like to know, this is clearly not a case of "I have just put emacspeak
on a computer and it dosn't work.  Tell me what to do now."  I am sure if
there are particulars you want to know about Nath's configuration or
setup all you would have to do is ask.

(Tim seams to be mistaken as Nath clearly states that his debian stable
box is running the dectalk software.  While Tim feels will not run
under debian stable, clearly that is not the case.)

Just what is it that bothers you about Nath's original message?
Usually I am able to see what it is that you find disturbing in a
message, this time I do not.

It seams to me that Nath's question is exactly the kind of question
this list is here to help with.

Help me understand your outburst.  Am I missing something? 


Remember, we are all members on this list.  You have not received
anything from me, the list administrator, telling you I am removing you
for inappropriate posts.

Perhaps you are not aware, but every once in a while Raman posts a
post like this one.  He is the author of emacspeak and we are all
indebted to and to some extent dependent on him and his continued good
graces.  As such, his outbursts are tolerated.  Most creative genius
have eccentricities.  You just hit his head-on.

I hope that you choise to stay with emacspeak and this list.  T. V. is
the creator of emacspeak, but he is neither the only voice on the
emacspeak mailing list nor the only one to offer help.  

I for one want to know if you manage to resolve the time delay problem
you are experiencing.



 Greg Priest-Dorman

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