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DISPLAY environment variable trouble

Try just setting DISPLAY as

export DISPLAY

Though this should not be necessary - all Linux systems I have used do
this when you start X windows. The only time I've seen people get into
trouble is when they login as one user, open an xterm and su to
another user (such as root) and then try to run some application. In
this situation you can get an error which talks about the display -
but the problem here is not necessarily the display variable setting -
usually the problem is related to X server access authentication. Most
people should be using xauth and the problem arises because the user
has not got the appropriate "magic cookies" needed to connect to the
local display. If this is the case, read about xauth and see about how
you can put the cookie into the appropriate .Xauthority file.


>>>>> "Jude" == Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@shellworld.net> writes:

 Jude> If it's any help on that work dog problem, I haven't managed to
 Jude> get my DISPLAY variable set correctly on this machine.  If I
 Jude> could find out how to get the DISPLAY variable set correctly, I
 Jude> could run Bastille-Linux and listen to the sound files provided
 Jude> with emacspeak.  Might some kind of script exist that could be
 Jude> used to determine proper DISPLAY variable setting and then have
 Jude> the proper one saved in /etc/profile?

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