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Re: DISPLAY environment variable trouble

Tim, thanks for the DISPLAY syntax I'll try it and let you know what
happens.  I did not attempt to run X when I ran bastille -c unless
bastille -c and realplayer 8 both try to run X for the user when they run.
I've just been operating in console text mode.

On Sat, 29 Nov 2003, Tim Cross wrote:

> Try just setting DISPLAY as
> DISPLAY=:0.0
> export DISPLAY
> Though this should not be necessary - all Linux systems I have used do
> this when you start X windows. The only time I've seen people get into
> trouble is when they login as one user, open an xterm and su to
> another user (such as root) and then try to run some application. In
> this situation you can get an error which talks about the display -
> but the problem here is not necessarily the display variable setting -
> usually the problem is related to X server access authentication. Most
> people should be using xauth and the problem arises because the user
> has not got the appropriate "magic cookies" needed to connect to the
> local display. If this is the case, read about xauth and see about how
> you can put the cookie into the appropriate .Xauthority file.
> Tim
> >>>>> "Jude" == Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@shellworld.net> writes:
>  Jude> If it's any help on that work dog problem, I haven't managed to
>  Jude> get my DISPLAY variable set correctly on this machine.  If I
>  Jude> could find out how to get the DISPLAY variable set correctly, I
>  Jude> could run Bastille-Linux and listen to the sound files provided
>  Jude> with emacspeak.  Might some kind of script exist that could be
>  Jude> used to determine proper DISPLAY variable setting and then have
>  Jude> the proper one saved in /etc/profile?
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