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Re: apt-get emacspeak?

Hello John,
I am at the moment using Emacspeak-17 on a SuSE Linux 7.3 system with
the eflite software synthesizer. I would like to know the advantages to
be derived from the software DecTalk (from Fonix? at $50?) compared to
my zero-cost set-up. I am a legally blind mathematician who uses
Emacspeak while writing mathematics using LaTeX+ AucTeX. I have noticed
that in my present set-up, there is absolutely no change in intonation
except when I type in an upper-case character. On the other hand a
former student who saw Emacspeak being used in SUNY, Stony Brook claims
that it renders something like $2^{2^2}$ as:
"two (raise tone)to the power two (raise tone even further) two".
I hear "dollar 2 caret left brace two caret two, caret two, right
brace".  Would DecTalk software give more helpful output than I am
getting now?

Christmas greetings to the folks on the list.


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