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apt-get emacspeak?

I am trying to set up a debian woody system with DECTalk software and 

I successfully installed the DECTalk softeare, 'say' works. And then I did 
apt-get emacspeak . It downloaded emacspeak and seemed to run some kind of 
installation script. But it asked me what kind of speech I was using and it 
gave me 3 options,
1) DECTalk Express
2) DECTalk Multivoice
3) DECTalk 3

I have DECTalk software so I selected the "other" option. But then it asked 
me a series of questions I didn't know the answer to. I googled for 
instructions but found nothing on what to do if you're installing via 
apt-get. Any ideas?

If I say emacspeak -d it errors out with waht appears to be an emacs (not 
emacspeak) error message. In other words, I think it's taking the -d switch 
to be an emacs switch not an emacspeak switch.

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