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Re: Multispeech (Was: Using emacspeak with speech-dispatcher)

Hello Lukas and all,

Connecting Emacspeak to Speech-Dispatcher is a quite interesting project.

I would also like to underline Multispeech.

Multispeech [1], author Igor B. Poretsky, is a multilingual Emacspeak
speech server. 

The current version of Multispeech may propose six languages:
Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish.

It renders the Emacspeak voice lock mode (distinct voices). And use an
external script based on sox for playing the wave file. 

The Emacspeak 23.0 patch [2] is needed so that Emacspeak welcomes

The Oralux team recently contributed to add languages to Multispeech;
our CVS [3] can be helpful to install the TTS (e.g. for German:
txt2pho by Thomas Portele and the de6 MBROLA database by Dr Marc



[1] Multispeech sources:

[2] Emacspeak 23.0 patch:

[3] Oralux CVS, see for example the TTS install scripts: ircha_tts.sh
(Spanish), lliaphon.sh (French), txt2pho.sh (German), ttpport.sh
(Brazilian Portugese). Of course, Debian packages would be welcome.

Oralux http://oralux.org

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