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Re: Using emacspeak with speech-dispatcher

>>>>> "RJC" == Robert J Chassell <bob@rattlesnake.com> writes:

    RJC> Milan Zamazal wrote,

    > But the benefit of the specialized solution is limited to
    > Emacspeak users, while the general solution can serve much wider
    > user base.

    RJC> When you think of Emacspeak as one of the four major user
    RJC> interfaces, then Emacspeak makes more sense.

My note you cite above concerned working on adding Speech Dispatcher
server to Emacspeak *and* adding new output drivers to Emacspeak instead
to Speech Dispatcher.  This is about duplicate work, it has nothing to
do with user interfaces.

    RJC> Even if you work differently, please do not discourage Pierre

I didn't intend to discourage him, I just told him facts that can be
useful to him.  And Pierre doesn't seem to be discouraged by that at
all. :-)


Milan Zamazal

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