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Re: building and installing under $HOME

Sorry, I simply hit reply to Tim instead of sending this to the list.  


"Robert D. Crawford" <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:

> For those who answered my query, sorry I have not replied.  Life gets
> in the way sometimes.
> TVR said:
>> Note that if you do install in a non-standard location, things like
>> the emacspeak.sh shell script etc may not work as you expect.
> I edited the version in my $HOME/bin directory to fit my situation.  I
> am sure that when I upgrade to the next version, I will have to edit
> this file again, but this works.  I tried to add the line:
> (load-file (expand-file-name
> "/home/rdc/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el"))
> and tried to just run bin/emacs (I compiled and installed new versions
> of emacs, gnus, w3m) but it would not start emacspeak.  I might
> investigate this later.
> Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> writes:
>> As Raman mentions, there is no issue with running emacspeak out of a
>> directory in your home area. However, as Lukas points out, you need
>> to be careful that installed versions of emacspeak based on Debian
>> packages don't take precedence.
> I wanted to install an environment that was completely separate from
> the debian environ.
>> Some points to mention -
>> Lukas mentions that emacspeak sources are placed in
>> /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp. However, you need to be slightly more
>> careful. While the source files are placed in that directory, the
>> compiled sources are placed in a version specific directory. For
>> example, if you are running emacs 21, the compiled versions of
>> emacspeak are placed in /usr/shae/emacs21/site-lisp.
> Is this a debian specific feature, or is this the case with all
> versions of emacs?  I remember seeing it mentioned, I believe in the
> README for emacs, that you can install several versions of emacs on
> one system, and that they will install in separate directories, as you
> mention above.  Is this something that is done by the make install for
> emacs?
>> However, I've found one additional important variable is the emacs
>> 'noninteractive' variable. This is only true if emacs is being run
>> in batch mode (i.e. noninteractive). Its good to test this variable
>> to nsure emacspeak is not loaded when building other packages in
>> batch mode -
> Is this an issue if not using the version of emacs shipped with
> debian?  As for other packages (i.e. html-helper--mode) I plan to
> install them by hand.
>> for example, this is what Debian does when ou install an emacs
>> package. I've found you can get problems when building some packages
>> if emacspeak is loaded prior to the compilation of the
>> package. therefore, in my setup script for emacspeak, I test the
>> noninteractive variable and if it is not true (ie.e we are running
>> in interactive mode - which means we are NOT running in batch mode)
>> it loads emacspeak. Otherwise, it does not load emacspeak. This
>> prevents emacspeak from possibly interfering with the installation
>> of additional packages.
> Will the fact that I am running from the emacspeak shell script
> eliminate this issue?  I am not sure that I am understanding
> completely.
>> If you want copies of any of my scripts, just let me know and I'll
>> post them.
> Thanks, but unless you see any problems with what you have mentioned
> above, I think I will just leave things well enough alone right now.
> thanks to all that replied,
> rdc
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