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via voice vs. flite... annoyance and advice

After recently hearing about the availability of via voice under linux
again, I thought I would ask about it.  I know T.V. and Tim use it, but
how many others?  What are the advantages?  I have not had any problems
with flite, other than the annoying thing it does sometimes.  When I
scroll over text quickly, especially urls, it has a tendency to make the
speech really fast and high pitched... almost like it is trying to get
it out before it starts reading the next line.  No crashes, no locking
emacs, nothing but the one annoyance.

I guess my basic question is this: is it worth it for me to spend $40 to
get it.  In my present situation, this is a fair amount of money.  I
won't have to go without food, but it is a kinda unnecessary

Another issue I would consider would be whether or not this software
would be useful for a long time.  I mean, will I be stuck using an old
kernel, or not being able to upgrade other things to continue to use it.

I keep thinking of other issues... will it suck my system resources?  I
am using a vaio laptop with a PIII 1 gHz and 256 M ram.

If anyone has advice on the flite issue, please let me know.

Thanks for your time,

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

To be or not to be.
		-- Shakespeare
To do is to be.
		-- Nietzsche
To be is to do.
		-- Sartre
Do be do be do.
		-- Sinatra

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