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>>>>> "G" == Gilles Casse <gcasse@oralux.org> writes:

    G> For info, the Oralux.org association bought in spring 2005 the
    G> IBM Viavoice runtimes from Wizzard Software, available in 13
    G> languages.

    G> We wish to propose OraluxGold, a low cost CD, with this TTS.

    G> As we exlusively rely at the moment on free time, the project
    G> grows less fast than it is wished.

if the Oralux group could agree to selling a reasonable-cost CD with
just the ViaVoice TTS _today_, would the extra cashflow encourage the
team to spare more non-free time? ;)

I'd gladly put money into a paypal for just the VV libraries.  flite is
too slow, saccent really sucks and maybe the $oft-talk works, maybe it
doesn't, maybe it kinda does if you have a lot of determined patience,
but outloud is a driver devil that I _know_, and I know it works very

I'd plunk real money down for a licensed VV runtime, no question. Just
tell me where.

    G> The announce will be done in the Oralux mailing list.

I hope you will echo that announcment here.  I think there are a lot
of people here who are eager to use the outloud software synth again.

Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym at linux.ca>
"what I need is a job that doesn't interfere with my work"

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