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Emacspeak 23.505 Debian package

Jim, There is not much point in building emacspeak for XEmacs,
unless you've also tested that it works. To the best of my
knowledge, there are still some xemacs incompatibilities that
prevent Emacspeak from working fully under XEmacs.
    James> I have uploaded a Debian package for Emacspeak 23.505.
    James> The major user-visible changes are:
    James> building for xemacs
    James> Introduced symlinks /usr/bin/emacspeak and
    James> /usr/bin/xemacspeak, which are managed with the
    James> "alternatives" mechanism (see the update-alternatives
    James> man page).
    James> The DOC file is installed, so
    James> emacspeak-view-emacspeak-doc (C-e D) works.
    James> This closes most of the outstanding bugs.  However,
    James> this is a brand new package from the ground up, using
    James> debhelper rather than debstd, so I may have introduced
    James> some new bugs.  Otherwise, the main thing on my TODO
    James> list is to use debconf to prompt the user rather than
    James> the custom script /usr/sbin/emacspeakconfig.
    James> NEWS.Debian and Debian changelog files are attached.
    James>             - Jim Van Zandt
    James> NEWS.Debian:
    James> The user is expected to start emacspeak with
    James> /usr/bin/emacspeak, which gets configuration
    James> parameters from /etc/emacspeak.conf and starts emacs
    James> with emacspeak support.
    James> Several "flavors" of emacs may be installed at the
    James> same time (emacs20, emacs21, xemacs21, etc.).  In
    James> accordance with the Debian emacs policy, emacspeak is
    James> byte-compiled separately for each flavor.  There is a
    James> separate script to start each flavor of emacs with
    James> emacspeak support - for example,
    James> /usr/bin/emacspeak.emacs21.  /usr/bin/emacspeak is
    James> actually a symlink managed by the "alternatives"
    James> mechanism.  That is, it points to
    James> /etc/alternatives/emacspeak, which points to one of
    James> several links like /usr/bin/emacspeak.emacs21.  (See
    James> the manpage for update-alternatives.)
    James> The alternatives for emacspeak inherit their
    James> priorities from the corresponding emacs packages.  So,
    James> as long as the emacs and emacspeak alternatives are in
    James> "automatic" mode, both "emacs" and "emacspeak" will
    James> start emacs21 in preference to emacs20.  If someday an
    James> emacs22 package is installed, with priority higher
    James> than for emacs 21, then by default both "emacs" and
    James> "emacspeak" will start emacs22.
    James> If any version of xemacs is installed, there will also
    James> be an alternative /usr/bin/xemacspeak which will start
    James> the highest-priority version of xemacs, with emacspeak
    James> support.
    James> The administrator can use update-alternatives to
    James> change which flavor is started by either
    James> /usr/bin/emacs or /usr/bin/emacspeak.  Or, of course,
    James> any user can use one of the flavor-specific links like
    James> /usr/bin/emacspeak.emacs21 to start whichever flavor
    James> he wants.
    James> The user is still expected to start emacspeak with
    James> /usr/bin/emacspeak, but it is now a symlink managed by
    James> the "alternatives" mechanism.  Emacspeak is also
    James> byte-compiled for xemacs, and there is another symlink
    James> /usr/bin/xemacspeak.  (For details, see README.Debian
    James> and update-alternatives(8)).
    James> changelog:
    James> emacspeak (23.505-1) unstable; urgency=low
    James>   * New upstream release
    James> (closes:#207393,#291970,#175879,#188224)* debian/copyright: clarify copyright (closes:#321802,#302599,#292322)
  * README.Debian: Revise discussion of ViaVoice (closes:#106480).
     James>    Combine with README.debian (closes:#204273)
    James>   * debian/control: depend on emacsen-common (closes:#256288) and tclx8.3
    James>     (removing alternative of "tclx", since alternative tclx8.4 doesn't
    James>     provide /usr/bin/tcl).  Conflict with emacspeak-ss prior to 1.10
    James>     because the speech server interface has changed upstream.  Remove
    James>     pre-depends on some flavor of emacs, because byte-compiling can be
    James>     done whenever a flavor is installed (closes:#232756).  Add dependency
    James>     on some version of emacs or xemacs.
    James>   * added .blurb files for more servers: remote-tcl.blurb decsoft.blurb
    James>   * No longer installing symbolic link for /usr/doc/emacspeak.
  * added #!/usr/bin/tcl lines to server script tts-lib.tcl just to
     James>    silence lintian complaint.  (The file is not executed by itself, only
    James>     sourced by other scripts.)
    James>   * debian/rules: update to use debhelper (closes:#292854,#292322)
    James>   * debian/emacsen-startup: add both source directory (with .el files) and
     James>    flavor directory (with .elc files) to load-path
    James>   * emacspeak-wizards.el, emacspeak-calendar.el: add ;;;###autoload
    James>     cookies for several functions
    James>   * emacspeak-keymap.el: "emacspeak-gridtext" changed to
    James>     "emacspeak-gridtext-apply" and "emacspeak
    James>   * install DOC file in documentation directory, install symlinks from
    James>     flavor/.../etc/DOC so emacspeak-view-emacspeak-doc (C-e D) works
    James>     (closes:#102246)
    James>   * emacspeak-wizards.el(emacspeak-generate-documentation): If there is no
    James>     key assignment, add whitespace between function name and documentation
    James>     string.
    James>   * copy all the source files to the flavor directory tree, not just the
    James>     elisp files (closes:#351710)
    James>   * depend on make (now used during installation)
    James>   * byte-compile (at package installation time) using upstream Makefile
  * byte-compile for xemacs
  * use alternatives to manage /usr/bin/emacspeak and /usr/bin/xemacspeak.
  * patch software-dtk sources for compilation under Debian, as
     James>    recommended by Mario Lang, mlang@debian.org (closes:#228353).  Note:
    James>     not tested by the maintainer, because compilation also requires
    James>     commercial software.  See /usr/share/doc/emacspeak/DTK.
    James>  -- James R. Van Zandt <jrv@debian.org>  Fri, 30 Jan 2004 20:57:53 -0500
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