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Emacspeak 23.505 Debian package

I think I can confirm this. I tried it with emacspeak 21 or 22 and it
failed due to incompatibilities relating to font-locking (from
memory). I didn't try digging down to find out why/what, just wanted
to see if it would work.

T. V. Raman writes:
 > Jim, There is not much point in building emacspeak for XEmacs,
 > unless you've also tested that it works. To the best of my
 > knowledge, there are still some xemacs incompatibilities that
 > prevent Emacspeak from working fully under XEmacs.
 >     James> I have uploaded a Debian package for Emacspeak 23.505.
 >     James> 
 >     James> The major user-visible changes are:
 >     James> 
 >     James> building for xemacs
 >     James> 
 >     James> Introduced symlinks /usr/bin/emacspeak and
 >     James> /usr/bin/xemacspeak, which are managed with the
 >     James> "alternatives" mechanism (see the update-alternatives
 >     James> man page).
 >     James> 
 >     James> The DOC file is installed, so
 >     James> emacspeak-view-emacspeak-doc (C-e D) works.
 >     James> 
 >     James> This closes most of the outstanding bugs.  However,
 >     James> this is a brand new package from the ground up, using
 >     James> debhelper rather than debstd, so I may have introduced
 >     James> some new bugs.  Otherwise, the main thing on my TODO
 >     James> list is to use debconf to prompt the user rather than
 >     James> the custom script /usr/sbin/emacspeakconfig.
 >     James> 
 >     James> NEWS.Debian and Debian changelog files are attached.
 >     James> 
 >     James>             - Jim Van Zandt
 >     James> 
 >     James> NEWS.Debian:
 >     James> 
 >     James> The user is expected to start emacspeak with
 >     James> /usr/bin/emacspeak, which gets configuration
 >     James> parameters from /etc/emacspeak.conf and starts emacs
 >     James> with emacspeak support.
 >     James> 
 >     James> Several "flavors" of emacs may be installed at the
 >     James> same time (emacs20, emacs21, xemacs21, etc.).  In
 >     James> accordance with the Debian emacs policy, emacspeak is
 >     James> byte-compiled separately for each flavor.  There is a
 >     James> separate script to start each flavor of emacs with
 >     James> emacspeak support - for example,
 >     James> /usr/bin/emacspeak.emacs21.  /usr/bin/emacspeak is
 >     James> actually a symlink managed by the "alternatives"
 >     James> mechanism.  That is, it points to
 >     James> /etc/alternatives/emacspeak, which points to one of
 >     James> several links like /usr/bin/emacspeak.emacs21.  (See
 >     James> the manpage for update-alternatives.)
 >     James> 
 >     James> The alternatives for emacspeak inherit their
 >     James> priorities from the corresponding emacs packages.  So,
 >     James> as long as the emacs and emacspeak alternatives are in
 >     James> "automatic" mode, both "emacs" and "emacspeak" will
 >     James> start emacs21 in preference to emacs20.  If someday an
 >     James> emacs22 package is installed, with priority higher
 >     James> than for emacs 21, then by default both "emacs" and
 >     James> "emacspeak" will start emacs22.
 >     James> 
 >     James> If any version of xemacs is installed, there will also
 >     James> be an alternative /usr/bin/xemacspeak which will start
 >     James> the highest-priority version of xemacs, with emacspeak
 >     James> support.
 >     James> 
 >     James> The administrator can use update-alternatives to
 >     James> change which flavor is started by either
 >     James> /usr/bin/emacs or /usr/bin/emacspeak.  Or, of course,
 >     James> any user can use one of the flavor-specific links like
 >     James> /usr/bin/emacspeak.emacs21 to start whichever flavor
 >     James> he wants.
 >     James> 
 >     James> The user is still expected to start emacspeak with
 >     James> /usr/bin/emacspeak, but it is now a symlink managed by
 >     James> the "alternatives" mechanism.  Emacspeak is also
 >     James> byte-compiled for xemacs, and there is another symlink
 >     James> /usr/bin/xemacspeak.  (For details, see README.Debian
 >     James> and update-alternatives(8)).
 >     James> 
 >     James> changelog:
 >     James> 
 >     James> emacspeak (23.505-1) unstable; urgency=low
 >     James> 
 >     James>   * New upstream release
 >     James> (closes:#207393,#291970,#175879,#188224)* debian/copyright: clarify copyright (closes:#321802,#302599,#292322)
 >   * README.Debian: Revise discussion of ViaVoice (closes:#106480).
 >      James>    Combine with README.debian (closes:#204273)
 >     James>   * debian/control: depend on emacsen-common (closes:#256288) and tclx8.3
 >     James>     (removing alternative of "tclx", since alternative tclx8.4 doesn't
 >     James>     provide /usr/bin/tcl).  Conflict with emacspeak-ss prior to 1.10
 >     James>     because the speech server interface has changed upstream.  Remove
 >     James>     pre-depends on some flavor of emacs, because byte-compiling can be
 >     James>     done whenever a flavor is installed (closes:#232756).  Add dependency
 >     James>     on some version of emacs or xemacs.
 >     James>   * added .blurb files for more servers: remote-tcl.blurb decsoft.blurb
 >     James>   * No longer installing symbolic link for /usr/doc/emacspeak.
 >   * added #!/usr/bin/tcl lines to server script tts-lib.tcl just to
 >      James>    silence lintian complaint.  (The file is not executed by itself, only
 >     James>     sourced by other scripts.)
 >     James>   * debian/rules: update to use debhelper (closes:#292854,#292322)
 >     James>   * debian/emacsen-startup: add both source directory (with .el files) and
 >      James>    flavor directory (with .elc files) to load-path
 >     James>   * emacspeak-wizards.el, emacspeak-calendar.el: add ;;;###autoload
 >     James>     cookies for several functions
 >     James>   * emacspeak-keymap.el: "emacspeak-gridtext" changed to
 >     James>     "emacspeak-gridtext-apply" and "emacspeak
 >     James>   * install DOC file in documentation directory, install symlinks from
 >     James>     flavor/.../etc/DOC so emacspeak-view-emacspeak-doc (C-e D) works
 >     James>     (closes:#102246)
 >     James>   * emacspeak-wizards.el(emacspeak-generate-documentation): If there is no
 >     James>     key assignment, add whitespace between function name and documentation
 >     James>     string.
 >     James>   * copy all the source files to the flavor directory tree, not just the
 >     James>     elisp files (closes:#351710)
 >     James>   * depend on make (now used during installation)
 >     James>   * byte-compile (at package installation time) using upstream Makefile
 >   * byte-compile for xemacs
 >   * use alternatives to manage /usr/bin/emacspeak and /usr/bin/xemacspeak.
 >   * patch software-dtk sources for compilation under Debian, as
 >      James>    recommended by Mario Lang, mlang@debian.org (closes:#228353).  Note:
 >     James>     not tested by the maintainer, because compilation also requires
 >     James>     commercial software.  See /usr/share/doc/emacspeak/DTK.
 >     James> 
 >     James>  -- James R. Van Zandt <jrv@debian.org>  Fri, 30 Jan 2004 20:57:53 -0500
 >     James> 
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