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Re: running emacspeak + flite with alsa

Hi Lucas,

You wrote:

> Things seem to be working fine; though the quality of the voice has
> become slightly nasal!

Flite 1.2 and 1.3 do not sound exactly the same. I like 1.2 better so
that is what I included in teh statically linked binary you are
using. If you were using 1.2 before and are noticing a difference
to the alsa version, then something is wrong.

Perhaps there is something wrong; but how do I find out?
In any case, the "new" voice is not unpleasant and if I get irritated
by it, I can switch back to the flite-1.2release I had compiled a
couple of years ago. But I will continue to use the alsa-enabled
eflite binary because it removes the "sudden death for 10 seconds"
symptom which has plagued 
 all eflite versions since 3.4.8.

Concerning smtp:

I have read Simon Josephson's documentation of smtpmail. The problem
is that my present mail server is blacklisted by some servers like for
example comcast.net and so when I write letters there is no guarantee
that it will arrive at its destination! If only I could use a web
browser and go to gmail.com, log in and send mail then mastering the
TLS protocol would not be such an important issue.

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