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shell under emacs

You can get the previous command history by using C-p and the next one
by using C-n when running M-x shell. However, note that you probably
better off using M-x term rather than M-x shell. The 'term' mode is a
lot more sophisticated and robust for shell style interaction. the
'shell' command is very basic and really only useful for very simple
'quick and dirty' commands rather than for more extended shell
interaction. Another very useful shell is M-x eshell, which is a shell
written in emacs lisp. The nice aspect of this shell is that you have
full intergration with emacs and can use commands like C-x C-f to find
a file without having to use terminal escape characters or different
key bindings that don't interfere with the shell etc. 

I find it rare that you actually need to use the shell. This is a
common misconception with new users. I would strongly recommend
posting some description of what this user is using the shell for as
it is very likely there are alternative solutions which work even
better with emacspeak and provide superior speech feedback. For
example, using dired rather than ls to get a listing of what is in a
directory and using tramp to access files on remote systems etc. 


mooncar@libero.it writes:
 > Hi!
 > I have installed emacs with speech support,now it works well,but the boy 
 > who is using that tells me he needs to use the command M-x shell, in emacs.
 > Is it possible to recall the commands that he have just issued,
 > like in the linux shell out of emacs?now he must re-type the commands...
 > I have tryied to find a solution but I don't use that program-I only
 > installed and tryied if it's working- so if someone can help...
 > thanks in advance,
 > veronica
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