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Re: Trying to use ViaVoice

Here is the section of Robert J. Chassells' .emacs filewhich deals
with emacspeak:

     ;;; For Emacspeak specifically
     ;; Make sure all Emacspeak code is in the load-path.
     ;; I commented this out since the load-path since is
     ;;     specific to my set up.
     ;;  The rest of this ~/.emacs file should work with
     ;;     all instances of Emacspeak.
     ;;  Depending on how you set up Emacspeak, you may not need to
     ;;    configure your load-path manually at all.
     ;; (setq load-path (cons "/usr/local/src/emacspeak/lisp/" load-path))
     ;; Turn on global-font-lock for the voice lock engine
     (load "font-lock")
     (global-font-lock-mode 1)
     (setq font-lock-global-modes t)
     (setq global-voice-lock-mode t)
     ;; Speak time in a reasonable format: `C-e t'
     (setq emacspeak-speak-time-format-string
       "The time is %_H hours %M minutes %Z on %A %_e %B %Y")
     ;; Set the audio theme
     ;; /usr/local/src/emacspeak/sounds/chimes-mono/
     ;; ( alternatively /usr/local/src/emacspeak/sounds/chimes-stereo/ )
      (expand-file-name "chimes-mono/" emacspeak-sounds-directory)
     ;; Set punctuation mode to MODE `\'some, 'all, or 'none
     ;; For individual buffers the keybinding is: `C-e d p'
     ;; The expression in this ~/.emacs file sets the mode globally.
     ;;     In general, I prefer 'none   but then you will not hear
     ;;     braces and brackets spoken.  To listen to this ~/.emacs
     ;;     file, you need to set the mode to 'all.
     ;;     That is best done using the `C-e d p' keybinding.
     ;; In this sample, I have set the mode to 'none.
     (dtk-set-punctuations 'none t)
     ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; end ~/.emacs ::::::::::::::::
I hope my comment on voice-lock-decoration is now chearer.


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