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changing/removing tones for blank lines

it would probably make sense to introduce some kind of custom
switch to disable some of these, but I'm reluctant because that
switch would get checked each time a line is spoken.

It's also unclear how to logically group the things that produce
tones so you can sensibly customize them.

Anyway, I suspect that after you use it with tones turned off
completely for a while you'll want them back; I added them
because moving down to a line and hearing *nothing* is a bit disconcerting.

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Rayner <peter.rayner@cea.fr> writes:
    Peter> I would like to turn off various of the tones
    Peter> emacspeak issues e.g. for bakcspace, blank lines etc.
    Peter> That's not saying they're a bad idea, I would just
    Peter> prefer fewer of them.  Before I go ahead and do this I
    Peter> will ask if there's not already a solution I haven't
    Peter> seen.  If not, I'll try life without dtk-tone
    Peter> completely for a few days and see how I like it.
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