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Re: defadvice and assumptions on auditory icons

    >> Use message if it's ok for the spoken message to show up
    >> in the echo area; use dtk-speak otherwise.
    Robert> I am not sure that I know of instances where it would
    Robert> be OK and where it would not.  Is there some
    Robert> convention that gets followed?

Follow what the rest of the codebase does.
    >> the advice in w3m needs a lot of work -- since I myself
    >> dont use emacs/w3m, it needs an owner/maintainer if it is
    >> to remain useful --- at present it's mostly unmaintained
    >> cruft.
    Robert> I plan to take a look there soon.  I know there are
    Robert> some functions that need a bit of work.  Right now I
    Robert> am working on some functions in gnus that are not
    Robert> advised.  I should have a patch in the next week or
    Robert> two.
    Robert> rdc
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