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Re: Conference Schedule for Emacspeak?

Hello from Dave Magill (mah gill)
I am happy to see interest in conferencing. Since I did not
receive any telephone responses to my first post, internet
relay chat indeed looks like the preferred mode. I will
need to learn to use irc (i r c). Since I instigated this,
I could try to find or put together a guide for those of us irc
Is there any introduction for emacspeak-erc (e r c not i r c)
out there?
Anyone already found a good speech oriented intro to irc?
I am still thinking we would chat once, maybe twice a month.
Perhaps nine oclock p m greenwich time on a Saturday. I am not sure
if that would be Saturday or Sunday for you, Tim Cross.
Other opinions on frequency, day of week, time?
My apologies if anyone tried to e mail me directly friday and
had their message returned. I tuned my spam settings, my mailbox
will no longer be full. If you did not post to this list, please
resend your message.
Since I am new to mailing lists in general, privately e mailed
advice on my style is welcome.
On Saturday 25 March 2006 1:18 am, T. V. Raman wrote:
> IRC would work -- if there was an active channel it might be a
> good resource --- and things can always be pasted into an email
> buffer and sent to the list if something useful comes out.

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