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Re: Registering your nick name with freenode

T. V. Raman writes ("Re: Setting up the erc IRC client"):
> freenode appears to require a password -- how did you get an
> account?

The password is only needed if you want to use a registered nick
name. You can log in with a blank password otherwise. The point in registering your
nick name is to ensure that no one else can assume it. I pasted below the part
about nickname registration from the freenode faq [1].  Anything from
point 3 onwards seems to be optional, as I did not know about it when
I set up my nick name.

One thing I could not figure out yet is how to prevent the channel
from disappearing when the last person has left. This is probably not
a big problem as this channel is not likely to be hijacked. Also, it
does not appear in the channel /list.

Best regards, Lukas

[1] http://freenode.net/faq.shtml

Pasted from the link above:

                             * What is the recommended way to set up my IRC  
                               nickname? Please follow these steps to set    
                               up your nick and configure your client.       
                               Check off each step to make sure it's been    
                                1. Select a permanent, master nickname.      
                                   Keep in mind the registered user name     
                                   policy changes and try to pick a simple   
                                   alphanumeric nickname for your basename,  
                                   so that you won't lose your nickname      
                                   reservation when the policy changes go    
                                   into effect. If the nickname you want is  
                                   registered but has not been used for at   
                                   least 60 days, just ask a staffer and     
                                   we'll be happy to drop it for you.        
                                   Please avoid using the name of a          
                                   community project or trademarked entity,  
                                   to avoid conflicts. Write down your       
                                   password and be sure to keep the sheet    
                                   of paper in a safe place.                 
                                2. Register your IRC nick:                   
                                       /msg nickserv register                
                                3. Add a valid email address to your         
                                   primary nickserv entry so that we have a  
                                   way to reset your password, and so that   
                                   we have it in case you want an            
                                   'unaffiliated' cloak. To keep your email  
                                   address private, rather than displaying   
                                   it publicly, first mark it as hidden:     
                                       /msg nickserv set hide email on       
                                   Then set the email address:               
                                       /msg nickserv set email               
                                4. Register an alternate IRC nick, using     
                                   the same password. This will ensure that  
                                   you have a way to get online as a         
                                   registered user (keeping any cloak you    
                                   may have) in case your nick becomes       
                                   frozen (a "ghost"). Many clients will     
                                   automatically add an underline to your    
                                   nick at connect time if the nick you      
                                   specify is unavailable. If you register   
                                   the underlined nick, it'll help make      
                                   that process work more smoothly. For      
                                   example, if your primary nick is foo,     
                                   register foo_ as your alternate if you    
                                5. While using your alternate nick, link it  
                                   to your primary nick:                     
                                       /msg nickserv link <primary-nick>     
                                   This will document that both nicks are    
                                   owned by the same person, and will allow  
                                   services to leave you identified (and     
                                   cloaked) if you switch from your primary  
                                   nick to your alternate and vice-versa.    

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